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Hello World!

Gwen Hughes a 09I’m back from my globe trotting having returned to the arms of my country. It is 100 degrees below zero and I am buried under my first snow drift  that I have encountered in the last six months. Furthermore after looking into grey skies since my arrival I am down with a seririous bout of Cabin Fever, commonly  known as “How in the Hell do I get out of here or which way to the Sun” If and when I get my act back together I will make an effort to contact someone again. Until then Pray for me. Over and out. Gwen



News from Gwen

Coming soon are some fabulous new 5 and 3 foot paintings.  Be ready to be dazzled by the beauty of this work.  Even I am thrilled by the results.  There are only eight new paintings so stay tuned to view.  Prepare for the unveiling of a new series in Canada.  These will be going to various art galleries so if you want to order from Gwen do so immediately so you won’t be disappointed by emailing her now.  With Gratitude. Gwen Hughes

The snow has fallen here so it is time to create one or more Christmas Tree Paintings for your home. Think of it! You can have the lights, decorations and beauty of Christmas in every room without having to chop down a tree or buy a fake one. What kinds of ideas do you have to create your personalized tree? I would love to hear them.  Click on the video to get an idea of what is possible.

First entry on my blog


I am planning to show you videos and pictures of my work as well as conduct art discussions.

I will be sharing my art with you and would love your feedback as to what you would like to see. I also teach art lessons online with Skype in many mediums. I will be posting some videos which will present for you some tips. Join me on my adventure in the wonderful world of Art!!

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